Women's costumes

Who doesn't want to escape office life and swap skirts, blouses and blazers for fun, special and sexy costumes for carnival? Our women's costumes are very high quality. We take special care with the details. Many of our animal costumes are super fluffy. They will keep you warm like a jacket or a jumper and can also be worn outside. Whether for carnival or motto party, here at kostümpalast.de, you can find women's costumes for any occasion. Many of our costumes for women are already fully assembled. This includes skirt and top for witches or pirates as well as fluorescent fur jackets for the 80ies party and Marge Simpson's blue hair. Beautifully crafted are, amongst many others, our women's costume Deluxe Empress Sissy or the ball gown for the princess. Many of our models are inspired by fashionable classics like the sheath dress, blouses with ruffles and lace. The pirate's bride of course wears a white blouse with corset.