Halloween Costumes for the Spookiest Night of the Year

Every year on October 31st, spooky creatures venture out onto the streets and cause mischief. "Trick or treat!" Even children scare their neighbours with eerie Halloween costumes and demand delicious sweets in return - usually with success, as most people don't refuse this mild offering. An ancient Celtic tradition conveys the belief that on the restless night before the religious holiday of All Saints' Day, the dead will return to Earth and mingle among the living.

Today, Halloween has become a true costume festival. Not only are disguises as ghosts or skeletons perennial favourites - even film characters like the fictional serial killer Freddy Krueger from the horror shocks "Nightmare on Elm Street" and Big Franky's Monster meet on the night of spirits. In our Halloween shop at kostümpalast.de, you can browse to your heart's content and put together your unique horror costume with many unusual accessories. If you prefer something simpler, you also have the option to buy a lovingly designed complete costume online.


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Eerily Beautiful Disguises in the Halloween Shop

Zombie costumes have been a perennial favourite for Carnival or Halloween long before the TV series "The Walking Dead." The pale and blood-stained undead wreak havoc in many theme parties and want to draw more and more people into their habitat. When you look at the various masquerades of the soulless, you'll discover that even the smallest details make each zombie unique. Whether it's the zombie schoolgirl costume with a blood-stained blouse, torn jacket, and matching checkered skirt or the Halloween morph suit "Decaying Corpse with Spider" - with small additional accessories, you can turn your Halloween costume into something unmistakable and one-of-a-kind.

Design Your Own Halloween Costumes

Who doesn't know it? Often, we have many clothes in our wardrobe that we simply can't throw away. No problem, with a few simple steps, you can create a special gem for a spooky design. You can quickly complement a long black skirt that you haven't worn in a long time with a black top for a successful outfit. A black cape is suitable to go with it, and the witch-like disguise is almost perfect. As particularly spooky accessories, we recommend our zombie witch wig and horror contact lenses. The transformation into an undead being is complete.

There are also numerous opportunities for men to create a costume in no time. Take an old pair of jeans, rip and fray the pant legs, and smear a T-shirt and a matching old jacket with fake blood. In our Halloween shop, you will definitely find a suitable latex horror mask that will make your counterpart shudder.

For children, Halloween is always a festival. Dressing up is a lot of fun, and when there are chocolates and candies involved, the celebration is perfect. The little ones are excited for days beforehand. However, it is advisable not to make the costumes too gory. Take a quick look at our Halloween shop at kostümpalast.de and check out the lovely children's Halloween costumes. Perhaps your child would like to go around the houses as a little pumpkin child or as an evil dragon. The disguises as one of the Harry Potter characters are also particularly cute. The most important thing is that the children feel comfortable, then Halloween will be a complete success.

Ghostly Accessories in the Halloween Shop

Fake blood, latex masks, or adhesive wounds complete the perfect Halloween costume. How about screws in your head that you can wear painlessly with a headband? Terrified looks are guaranteed. Shocking sights are also the bald caps with bloody head wounds. Slightly conceal the edges with Halloween makeup, and the gruesome look is perfect. A decayed and rotten set of teeth must not be missing from such a disguise, of course. In our Halloween shop, you can buy decayed teeth in various design. If the Halloween party is taking place at your house, you'll score a spooky hit with our creepy CD that plays the most chilling sounds.

Whether you create your costume yourself, complement it with accessories, or rely on our extensive range of full costumes - the Halloween shop at kostümpalast.de has the right product for every horror taste. All costumes are carefully inspected and selected by our staff. Within a few days of placing your order, the goods will already be at your home. Do you have any questions about a Halloween costume? Feel free to contact our competent staff by phone, and they will be happy to assist you.

Halloween Snacks - Simply Irresistible

Spooky treats for perfect party fun. Bats, spiders, tombstones, mummies, and severed fingers - the perfect feast for a successful Halloween party. Surprise your guests with mummified sausages: simply wrap them in delicious pastry and decorate them with a few crazy eyes, and you'll create a real Halloween snack out of simple sausages.

Are you more into sweets? Then spooky and delicious pumpkin, ghost, or eyeball cake pops are just the right choice. Filled with delicious cake batter and decorated with fondant, icing, and sweets, they are the ideal dessert. With a little less effort, you can make Frankenstein's long and spindly marzipan fingers. Simply shape the tasty almond mixture, brush it with a bit of brown food colouring, attach pointed almonds with chocolate - deceptively real fingernails - and coat the other end with jam or red icing. And for impromptu Halloween parties: spooky cupcakes. Bake muffins, let them cool, pipe frosting on top, and decorate with a few sugar figurines that match the Halloween theme. Your unique party snacks are ready.

Making Halloween Costumes Yourself

To celebrate Halloween with "Day of the Dead" costumes, you can dress up as fiery Flamenco dancers with a short dress or dashing suit and sombrero. Simply dig out your best piece from the closet - for example, from the last wedding - and complement it with a frighteningly made-up skull mask in the style of La Catrina. Less elegant but equally spooky are skeleton costumes. From full-body body painting - if you dare - to a black T-shirt with trousers, anything is possible with this Halloween outfit. Simply paint the white skeleton on the dark clothing with fabric paint or create the bone outlines with silver adhesive tape. When complemented with the appropriate makeup, these Halloween costumes can be designed in no time. But not only ghosts and skeletons are welcome at Halloween, but also the undead. You don't need much for zombie costumes: a little tattered clothing - preferably with dirt, stains, and fake blood - perhaps some contact lenses, a crazy look, and the right makeup. Voila, you're ready for the night of the living dead.

Accessories for Halloween Disguises

The right accessories are also part of every costume. Makeup, wigs, and masks make the transformation perfect. Not only for Halloween costumes but also for Carnival and Mardi Gras costumes, you will find the necessary accessories with us. We particularly value details. With our horror contact lenses, such as the models White Zombie, Werewolf Yellow, or Anaconda Snake Green, you'll have a gaze that not only attracts others but captivates them. We have also taken care of the proper Halloween decorations. From giant spiders to rats as table decorations, whether made of plastic or even with fur - we have thought of everything to make your party a complete success.