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Mini Sclera Blind White Contact Lenses

Item # C1098
29,99 €*
  • one pair of contact lenses
Out of stock
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Out of stock
on replenishment order**

Sclera blind white contact lenses

Here we have the perfect blind contact lenses for a zombie event or photo shoot. An absolutely creepy effect! Great Blind White contact lenses as they have been used for years in the film industry, video shoots and photo shoots. They are becoming more and more popular for Halloween costumes and zombie events.

So with 40% vision, you're not completely blind. Have the effect of an almost white covered eye, but still see what is happening around you.

White Mini Sclera Contact Lenses Blind Eye

The smaller Mini Sclera blind white contact lenses are still a lot bigger than the conventional Fun Eye Lenses. But they are easier to use and so are great for the less experienced with a little practice.

With this pair of mini sclera blind white contact lenses, you are actually not completely blind and have 40% vision vision. That's why these milky white blind lenses are good for photo shoots. Eerily creepy, these lenses look great with many Halloween costumes. Vampires, zombies or demons are the target audience here.

Tip from Kostümpalast:
The contact lenses are soft and without prescription. They are manufactured according to international standards and are of course subject to strict quality controls.

With proper care, the colored contact lenses can be used for up to 6 months after opening, closed lenses up to 5 years. The lenses are suitable for light and dark eyes and have a very strong coverage, best quality and high wearing comfort.

For cleaning and storage we recommend cleaning solution and storage box. Please also note that the container must be disinfected regularly and replaced if necessary. Please also note our further instructions and the instructions for use, which they HERE can read and print.

Hygiene product - therefore return only possible unopened. The contact lenses are not suitable for participation in road traffic.

Important notice:
With your order, you confirm that the initial fitting by a specialist (ophthalmologist or master optician) is ensured, that you are a contact lens wearer and that you are familiar with contact lenses and their handling, correct care & hygiene and wearing times. A medical follow-up must be performed regularly (every 6 months) by a professional. These contact lenses are not supplied for initial use, but only for follow-up care.
The contact lenses are not corrective lenses. They are supplied without prescription in sterile saline solution. Once opened, they can be worn as often as desired for six months if properly handled (stored in a combination solution for soft contact lenses).


  • one pair of contact lenses
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