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Wizard Magic Wand with Light and Sound

Item # C0093
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  • Magic Wand
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Out of stock
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Magic wand with light and sound

The magic wand with effects such as light and sound will thrill the hearts of wizards and witches alike. Fairies and elves also love this magical wand with light.

Wizard wand with magical effects

Fairies, witches and wizards rely on the power of the wand. Every wand has its own story. Those that serve only one person and are linked to him or her for life have special magic. Take the Magic Wand in your hand and check whether it wants to belong only to you. You have a good chance if you have experienced at least 14 Halloween years.

At 36 cm long, the magic wand with light fits comfortably in your hand. The smooth plastic surface is helpful for getting the magic wand out of your robe quickly or making it disappear again. The surface is designed like a branch, at the handle the wand is green and slowly fades into a mysterious black.

To give more emphasis to the spell or charm you are casting, press the recessed button on the green handle. An enchanting sound is heard and the tip of the magic wand begins to flash. You'll attract attention during role-playing games, in a carnival costume or on the spooky night of Halloween. Your costume as a wizard, witch, elf or fairy really looks complete with the Magic Wand Wand with Light.

When you buy the wand with light and sound, it comes with enough power for now. However, if you use the wand often to compete with other magicians, it is advisable to replace the batteries. You don't want your magic wand to run out of power at the most important moment.


  • Magic Wand
: Länge ca. 36 cm