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Harry Potter Adult Dementor Costume

Item # A2211
54,99 €*
  • Robe
  • Half Mask
  • chest piece
Out of stock
on replenishment order**
Out of stock
on replenishment order**

Harry Potter Dementors Costume for Adults

You finally want to celebrate anonymously again and test the fright tolerance of your fellow men at the same time? Are you planning a Harry Potter theme party and want to wear the scariest costume possible? Then choose the Harry Potter Dementors costume for adults and float through the scenery of your party as a gruesome magical creature.

Become a Harry Potter Dementor in black robes

The Harry Potter Dementors are truly creepy, blind creatures that suck up fond memories and emotions from their victims. They are among the worst magical creatures in the world of Harry Potter. Wherever Dementors appear, they spread fear, terror and an icy chill.

This costume cleverly captures the very essence of the black Dementors. It consists of a cape that hangs in black tatters from the body and could also be hundreds of years old. Under the half mask, you will certainly remain unrecognised, and the chest piece looks as if old and bony ribs are sticking out.

This costume is only available in one size. This one fits
for men from L-XL 50-52. You can only choose the size mentioned.


  • Robe
  • Half Mask
  • chest piece

standard size: L-XL 50-52
shoulder length: 50
sleeves: 70
chest/bust measurement: 130
waist measurement: 135
length from shoulder down: 145 (mit Fransen)