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Stormtrooper Airwalker Foil Balloon 83x177cm

Item # C0024
28,49 €*
  • 1 Foil Balloon without Helium
  • Weights
Out of stock
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Out of stock
on replenishment order**

Stormtrooper Foil Balloon Airwalker

Stormtrooper foil balloon is an airwalker. These are very large balloons that can be filled with either air or helium. Original Star Wars licensed item.

Printed Star Wars Balloon

The printed balloon features a Stormtrooper from the classic Star Wars trilogy.

Advantages over latex balloons:
- can be filled with air or helium
- refillable as often as you like
- longer floating time
- helium lasts approx. 7-10 days
- beautiful shiny surface
- individual designs selectable

This Star Wars foil balloon is delivered without helium. It can be filled with helium or air. However, since the balloon is very large and has several chambers, filling it with helium will be more expensive accordingly. We recommend inflating the Stormtrooper with an electric air pump if possible. The valves close by themselves.

Filling the balloon

The foil balloon is filled with helium or air through the valve on the bottom - via a thin tube or straw, which is inserted only a few centimeters to the air chamber. Please do not overfill, otherwise the balloon may burst.


Since the printed foil balloon is electrically conductive, you should keep it close to your body near railroad power lines. When used outdoors, the balloon should be weighted appropriately to prevent it from flying away. UV radiation affects the life of foil balloons. When transporting, use a string or a stick. The balloon is not suitable for children under 3 years old.

How much helium you need

For this balloon size you need about 0.160 m³ of helium. You can order a helium canister separately from us. The completely emptied steel container can be disposed of in the residual waste garbage can or at the recycling center.


  • 1 Foil Balloon without Helium
  • Weights
: ca. 83x177 cm