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Magic Crystal Ball with Light and Sound

Item # C2862
19,99 €*
  • One Crystal Ball
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Out of stock
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Magical fortune-telling ball

What will the future bring us? The glowing, magical fortune-telling ball will reveal it to us. But of course a witch, sorceress or fortune teller must also interpret the future correctly. Magicians can also practise this.

Magical crystal ball with light and sound

A magic fortune-telling ball is an indispensable accessory for anyone who wants to perform magic. Especially at Halloween, but also at magical fairytale themed parties, this wonderfully designed magic ball is a great decoration.

The magic fortune telling ball looks great. It is milky-white and stands on a grey-silver base with ancient runes and magical symbols. It is already a real eye-catcher. The dimensions are approx. 16 x 20 cm.

The ball reacts to touch or loud noises such as clapping. Colourful lights suddenly circle kaleidoscope-like inside the sphere. The colour change is beautiful. This is accompanied by a bubbling sound. The spirits you want to question answer with wailing and screeching noises. After a short time, the crystal ball goes out again. Three AAA batteries are needed for operation.

Tip from Kostümpalast:
Before the event, think about what visions of the future you will have and what you can predict for the guests. It will be great fun.


  • One Crystal Ball
: ca. 20 cm hoch