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Harry Potter Gryffindor Tie Satin

Item # A2272
11,99 €*
  • tie
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Out of stock
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Harry Potter school uniform tie

Original Harry Potter tie from Hogwarts Wizarding School. Of course, Harry Potter and his friends from the house of Gryffindor are not only recognised by their cloak with the crest, their wands and their penchant for Quidditch. A proper sorcerer's apprentice also needs the right Harry Potter tie to always be smartly dressed.

Gryffindor Harry Potter tie

This Harry Potter tie completes the wizard costume, the Hogwarts school uniform and is the ideal complement to the robe and scarf. Of course, it also goes with the other Gryffindor costumes like Hermione or Ron. It can be worn by children or adults - because there's a little wizard apprentice in all of us, isn't there?

Gryffindor tie - matching Harry Potter costume

The total length of this Harry Potter tie is 123 cm. It comes already tied. The typical colours identify the wearer as a student of Gryffindor House. Have you also done your homework and learned all the spells? Repello Inimicum!


  • tie
: Länge ca. 123 cm
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