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Cadaver on Hook Halloween Decoration

Item # C4796
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  • One Cadaver on Hook
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Corpse part on hook

It hardly gets creepier! With a corpse part on a hook, your Halloween decorations will be even scarier than they already are. Hand or foot? The choice is yours.

Bloody foot or chopped up hand on a meat hook

Corpse parts on a hook are hard to top as a creepy decoration. A bloody torn up foot or a shredded hand look great hanging from the ceiling. You could use these hooks to decorate your kitchen or pimp the party room - anything is possible.

1. foot:
The mangled foot measures about 20 cm from heel to toe. You can see a huge open and brutal looking wound and the hook is equally smeared with blood.

2. finger:
The bloody hand is about 30 cm long with hook. This hand has been completely mutilated and its ring finger is missing. You can see a very bloody and fleshy wound and blood running down its fingers.

3. hand:
The hand is about 56 cm long with hook and chain. It looks very realistic because many details are shown, such as veins and small wrinkles. There are several small wounds and the bloody hole in the middle of the back of the hand where the hook was poked through.

All of the body parts are life-size, making them even more gruesome. The mutilated limbs are very bloody designed with open wounds so they make for a very frightening effect. Guaranteed shock at any Halloween party.

Tip from Kostümpalast:
If you are wearing a zombie costume, take a bloody corpse part on a hook with you as a little snack on the go. Likewise, you can hide the hands underneath your sleeves, allowing you to pass them off as your real hand. This will turn the Halloween decoration into a great costume accessory.


  • One Cadaver on Hook
  1. Foot 2. Fingers 3. Hand
: ca.20 cm ca. 30 cm mit Haken ca. 56cm mit Haken