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Bloody Hand Halloween Decoration

Item # C2812
3,99 €*
  • One bloody Hand
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Out of stock
on replenishment order**

Bloody Hand Corpse Part

The body parts replacement trade is open and the zombies are lining up. The bloody hand as a corpse part is very popular and versatile. A wonderful decorative or joke item for Halloween.

Chopped off bloody hand

This bloody hand looks very precisely chopped off. It is life-size at approx. 33 cm long and could be from freshly slaughtered limbs. The lightweight, skin-coloured plastic is sturdy and decorated with lots of blood. You can use this creepy Halloween decoration just about anywhere. As a table decoration or on a shelf, the hand is a hit. Of course, it looks particularly good on the chopping board in the kitchen. Or you can do it like our example in the product illustration. Dress up as an organ vendor with a vendor's tray and advertise your bloody goods.

You are buying a bloody hand here. The vendor's tray and costume are not included. You can order a brain cap and other corpse parts separately.

Tip from Kostümpalast:
Hide the bloody hand in your sleeve and hold it out to greet your guests. This will trigger many a frightened scream.


  • One bloody Hand
: ca. 33 cm lang