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3 Casino Las Vegas Paper Lanterns

Item # C0594
9,99 €*
  • 3 Paper Lanterns
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Out of stock
on replenishment order**

Casino Lanterns Decoration

Paper lanterns are always a very popular decoration for parties. the Casino Lanterns are the hit at Las Vegas theme parties and New Year's Eve events on this theme.

Casino Lanterns for a Las Vegas Party

Included are three different paper lanterns. One is all black in color. The other two casino lanterns are printed with the suits of playing cards. Hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds alternate here and form a suitable pattern for gamblers. In such a beautiful atmosphere, one likes to spin the roulette wheel again or treat oneself to another game of one-armed bandit. Viva Las Vegas!


  • 3 Paper Lanterns
: ca. 24,1 cm