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Vampire Fangs for Dracula

Item # C3939
9,99 €*
  • vampire teeth
  • moulding material
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Out of stock
on replenishment order**

Vampire fangs for Dracula

What would a real vampire be without his fangs? You can buy cheap vampire fangs for Dracula here with us in the practical coffin box.

Vampire fangs for costume

Whether at Halloween, at the Gothic festival or at carnival, vampires can't do without long vampire fangs. The beautiful, eye-catching canines are simply and quickly slipped over your own teeth. This definitely completes your sinister Dracula costume and looks unbeatably creepy.

English instructions are printed on the back of the packaging:
Place the canines in a glass of warm water. Wait until the thermoplastic glue in the canines becomes transparent. Remove the glue with a spoon and check that it is not too hot to touch. While the glue is still warm, place the vampire teeth on your own canines and press upwards until the artificial teeth reach the bottom of the gums. Wait a few seconds. Before the thermoplastic hardens completely, carefully pull the vampire teeth out towards the front.
Cut off any excess glue that has oozed out with small scissors and allow the canines to cool and harden for about 5 minutes. To cure quickly, immerse the artificial teeth in cold water.
If the denture impression does not fit your own tooth exactly, simply dip the accurately fitting teeth back into a glass of warm water and repeat the above steps.

Fangs can be used again and again! Not suitable for children under 14 years. Do not use over braces, bridges, crowns or other dental work.

Tip from the Costume Palace:
Blood for the corners of the mouth and pale vampire make-up we also have in stock, of course. Together with a wide cape, the costume is almost complete.


  • vampire teeth
  • moulding material
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