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Halloween Spiderweb 125 g with 12 Spiders

Item # B9238
  • 125 g Spiderweb
  • 12 Spiders
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5,25 €*

Halloween spider webs with twelve spiders

Spider webs are simply part of Halloween! A real creepy house can't do without the eight-legged creatures with great spider webs. With this decoration set, you can quickly create a spooky atmosphere.

The Halloween spider webs are white and are sufficient for approx. 35 square metres of space. The web can be pulled apart very finely and thinly. It looks better the thinner it is pulled. Included in the delivery are 12 small, black spiders that additionally decorate the web. This will make many a party guest scream with fright.

Tip from Kostümpalast:
Never use scissors! Because then you get straight accurate cuts that make the web look fake. Always just spread out the webs and tear them apart for smaller spaces.
The Halloween cobwebs are best pulled apart perfectly with the help of another person. It is not a problem to create holes and cracks. This makes the artificial spider webs look even more realistic.


  • 125 g Spiderweb
  • 12 Spiders
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