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Elsa Frozen Air Walkers Ballon 144 cm

Item # C1310
33,25 €*
  • 1 Foil Balloon without Helium
  • Weights
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Out of stock
on replenishment order**

Elsa Airwalker - giant foil balloon

Here comes the Frozen ice queen Elsa as a giant-sized Airwalker foil balloon. Imagine the girls' surprise when Elsa suddenly stands surrounded by ice crystals in the children's room. Original Disney licence balloon.

Advantages over latex balloons:
- can be filled with air or helium
- can be refilled as often as you like
- longer floating time
- Helium lasts approx. 2-4 weeks
- beautiful shiny surface
- gigantic 88 x 144 cm in size

Ice Queen Elsa Airwalker Balloon XXXXL

The foil balloon has several chambers that can be inflated individually. Instructions are included. The body, shirt and snowflakes are filled separately with air or helium and connected with adhesive pads.

This large Elsa Airwalker balloon is supplied without helium. It can be filled with helium or air. With helium the balloon floats, with air it can be hung up. As the figure is very large, we recommend inflating the Ice Queen very carefully, if possible with an electric air pump. Please be careful and never inflate the balloon too much so that it does not burst. The valves close by themselves.

Weights are also included so that the large figure can be stood upright.

Tip from Kostümpalast:
If the balloon loses volume, you can top it up with a little breathing air or helium using a straw. Foil balloons can be refilled again and again if treated well.


  • 1 Foil Balloon without Helium
  • Weights
: ca. 88 x 144 cm