Beating Heart Muscle Morphsuit

Item # A9926
  • 1 Suit
Available sizes
  • M 152-165 cm
  • L 165-175 cm
  • XL 180-195 cm
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59,90 €*
The world‘s first i-Morph, a hideously realistic muscle man guaranteed to dominate Halloween with his real beating heart. Or just wear it to the gym and catch the shocked cardio bunnies as they fall off the treadmill into your biceps.

Step 1. Download FREE app iOS and Android.
Step 2. Put Mobile in the secure mobile pouch.
Step 3. Play free app...scare the bejesus out of people. Be a hero.

This Morphsuit comes with a velcro mobile pocket that is designed to be super secure. ouble tapping the beating heart will toggle through 4 additional videos including snakes, maggots, gears and a tarantula. The Costume poud will fit any device up to a Galaxy Note II (pretty much any smartphone).


  • 1 Suit
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